"You people are unbelievable. Just give me the ****ing cure and let me go."
Dead space 2 is an amazing and challenging game. With top of the world graphics and story. I found it a bit similar to Doom 3 because of all the people going crazy in the game. You really can't go wrong with this game, unless you get tired of seeing so much blood and gore. Also this game is not for the feint of heart because is very random and scary at times. You start off with no weapon, but soon find your first weapon and armor. You can upgrade your weapons dmg, reload speed and capacity. Also you can upgrade your armor or simply buy a new one with better bonuses. It's a very awesome game and I will recommend it to any one that likes creepy games with good story. :D Very challenging indeed, but an awesome game~! It's 15 chapters long so get ready to kill some out of this world monsters!

I give it  10 stars out of 10!

02/18/2014 1:18pm

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02/18/2014 1:25pm

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